Captain Q-dees

Captain Q-dees
Captain Q-dees

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Annual Family & Sports Day 2012

Everyone is a Winner!

Date:    14-04-2012 (Saturday)
Venue:  Sports Complex
Time:    8.00 am to 12.00 noon

-parents and all the sponsors from various companies, for your support and time.
-all teachers and staff, for your hard work, time and effort in training the children & planning for the events.

With all your support and help, we are glad to say that our 9th Sports Day was a success.

Also a big welcome and thank you to Q-dees Bandar Kinrara 6, our partner in making this event merrier and more exciting.

Our Sports Day commenced punctually and ended slightly earlier than the scheduled time. Throughout the events, everything ran smoothly and there was no recorded injuries.

A special thank to our photographer, Teacher Izza too.

7.45am~ Registration
Every child was given a welcome goodie bag upon registration.

8.00am~ Marching in
En Mozart, led by Eng Yao.

 Hello, friends, I am Jonathan, from En Newton, I am the Captain!

8.15am~ Q-dees Pledge 
Look at the sportsmen~ Ngoo Win Ho (PU8), Chow Yong Xin (BK6),
Eiman Khairy (PU8)

8.30am~ Pom pom Performance
"We are the Champion" by the princesses from En Mozart and En Newton.
The audience was really impressed.

QL1 sports events~

"Let me help you, bro!"                                                          "Slow & steady wins the race."

QL2 sports events~

We are ready now!                                                 Here I come... 1...2...1...

QL3 sports events~

I'll be really fast, you just watch me.                           Hop, hop, hop...


10.30am~ Parents' events

Come one, hurry!                                                                        And the winner is...

11.00am~Prize-giving and photography

Here are the winners.

Look! I won a gold medal.
Awaiting the proud winners...

Monday, 26 March 2012

Yakult Health Talk

Ya..... KULT!!!

Date: 22/03/2012
Time: 9.00am
Venue: Q-dees Puchong Utama

Special thanks to Ms Chong, for her time in sharing with all the little-ones, how to take care of their intestines & stomach.

Not forgetting our lovely Aunty Yakult, Alice.

Kids were overjoyed to be able to watch the 'fight' between the GOOD bacteria and the BAD bacteria. Look at the angels... who couldn't hide their smiles...

Musical Intelligence Class

Trial Lesson

Date: 7-3-2012
Time: 10.30am
Venue: Q-dees Puchong Utama

As promised, we have introduced this wonderful musical intelligence class for all children.
Musical intelligence is one of the well-researched Multiple Intelligences. Teaching and Learning is not restricted to the conservative method of 'chalk and talk' only, but rather with innovative ways of introducing knowledge as well as unleashing children's hidden or unpolished potentials.

-develops musical intelligence (rhythm, beats, hand-ear coordination, etc)
-develops creativity
-encourages confidence
-enhances kinetic balance
-promotes music appreciation
-exposure to various music type

Look at the popular big sister- Teacher Karen- kids fell in love with the lively music instantly.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Testimonials 2011

1. Adam Haiqal
I would always say it’s never too young for a 4-year-old to attend a kindergarten because you should not underestimate their potential in learning at a young age. In my opinion, Q-dees’ Maths, Phonics and BM are very powerful and the use of multimedia in teaching is really captivating. Personally, I’m very impressed with Adam’s ability in reading bahasa Malaysia and English very well now. He was finishing his first set of Reader Book in the span of only 5 months. Then, he could even read simple signboards. My elder child also attended this Q-dees centre and I could not hide my excitement and joy to be able to put my child under the hands of the same experienced and dedicated teachers. Kudos to the centre. Besides reading, Adam also loves the songs and music and he is socializing very well with his friends of all races at the centre. To me, this centre is spacious, has good facilities and is very well-maintained. Even though Adam is my youngest, I would not hesitate to recommend this centre to my friends and relatives.

2. Hirkrish Singh
We sent our daughter here 3 years ago. We were very happy with her progress. At this Q-dees centre, our daughter took up Mandarin. Not only that she could read and write in Mandarin, till now, she has so much interest in this beautiful language that she’s still attending Mandarin lessons elsewhere. We particularly like the teachers very much. They are very responsible and helpful. Besides, they are really concerned about the children, which makes us feel confident to put Hirkrish under their care. He is now able to read rather adequately. In fact, we are very busy in running our own business as we are book suppliers. However, we could not be happier when this centre has helped to cultivate very good reading habit first in my daughter, then my son. Both children would request for storybooks from time to time, which we would happily get for them. We hope Hirkrish would continue to benefit from this wonderful Fliptech@Q programme.

3. Kai Yin
We enrolled our daughter here because we wanted an English-and-Bahasa Malaysia-medium kindergarten for her. We chose this Q-dees centre because the Fliptec@Q multimedia programme is very interesting. Initially, she was not used to waking up early to get to school. But, she is coping very well with her lessons and now, she is very eager to go to school and will pester me to allow her to attend school even if she is unwell. She loves the lessons, song and music. We noticed that she can read  in 3 languages well and has no problems in using simple Bahasa Malaysia and English with her teachers and friends. We also like the ICMS system that Q-dees has. We are convinced that Kai Yin does not only memorise but more importantly, recognise words that she learns. We are very satisfied with her achievement so far.
4. Ming Jin
We transferred my son here in February 2011. At first, we were worried if he would cope well with the programme. However, with the positive changes in Ming Jin, we are very happy with the programme and the centre indeed. The teachers are really very experienced and the principal very approachable, especially when it comes to young and ‘active’ children like my son. They are very helpful in many ways. The teachers have been very accommodating and can handle him very well. We are satisfied with Ming Jin’s progress in reading and he can sing many songs that he learns from his Phonics, Mandarin and bahasa Malaysia. He is now a very happy child and is mingling really well with children of different races in his class. We like the fact that his class teacher is very firm that my son is now a more careful and disciplined person in making sure he packs the books and stationery he needs for school. The teacher has also complimented him on his ability to write and use English well. We are really satisfied with this centre.
5. Pretyyba
We transferred my daughter here in mid-January 2011 after visiting the centre and meeting up with their principal. What I like about Q-dees is their wonderful Fliptec@Q programme. Our daughter enjoys the lessons using the multimedia and she never encountered any problems coping with the lessons. The teachers are very dedicated and experienced. Pretyyba’s class teacher makes sure my daughter eat her snack. Thanks to the teacher, even as a very picky eater, our daughter in fact enjoys the food provided at the centre. She loves the food so much that she has asked us profusely to cook the ‘same food’ at home. We are very happy to have found this centre because our daughter is even picking up Mandarin slowly. The centre is well-maintained and the classrooms are spacious and comfortable. Pretyyba is learning in a very conducive environment and this is what we want for her.
6. Qaiser
My daughter attended this Q-dees centre 2 years back and have made impressive progress. Therefore, I never hesitated to enroll my son here. The fact that they have retained very good and experienced teachers here increased my faith in them. Through my observation, Qaiser is making good progress in Bahasa Malaysia. Besides, this centre also helps mould very well-mannered children by saying ‘Thank you’ and ‘please…’. I’m very happy with the Fiptec@Q Programme as it is very interesting and I have seen effective learning that has taken place in my daughter and I am confident my son will also continue to benefit from this wonderful programme. Lastly, I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate their teachers and staff on their success in organizing a very well-planned Annual Sports Day. Well done Q-dees Puchong Utama.

7. Rishwita
My daughter loves the kindergarten, the teachers and the Reading Programme. She enjoys her lessons tremendously and she would read her books everyday, which is a very good habit the Q-dees programme has helped to cultivate. She never fails to ask me if the next day is a schooling day. She is very eager to attend school and didn’t have any problems in following the lessons. In my opinion, the Phonics programme is really good and Rishwita knows all the Phonics songs. Her teachers are very experienced and I am happy with their teaching and the management of the centre. I have taught in a kindergarten before and have visited many other kindergartens around before making the decision to send her here. I have not been disappointed. I am surprised rather than impressed by Rishwita’s ability in recognising words and singing, both in Bahasa Malaysia and English. It shows that the Fliptec@Q Programme is really effective and the teachers are really good. The facilities at the centre are also adequate and I would say my daughter learns in a very comfortable environment. She loves her gym sessions and has learnt to take care of her personal hygiene very well.

8. Sharvhin

I transferred my child here in year 2011. I am indeed very proud of my choice. Sharvhin really enjoyed his time at this Q-dees centre. Not only that he has learned very well, he also enjoyed the song and music very much. He loves his teachers tremendously, especially his class teacher. I noticed very positive changes in him and I personally find the Phonics and Bahasa Malaysia programme to be really good. Their Reading programme is fantastic too. My son loves the books and he has interest to read other storybooks now, which is something I have never expected from him. I am very confident with the teachers here. Lastly, I hope Sharvhin will be trained to be more independent before he attends primary school in another half a year.       (interviewed in May, 2011)
Q-dees Puchong Utama would like to express our gratitude to the above parents and children for their precious time for the interviews. All the above children have re-enrolled (one graduated) at our centre for year 2012.